Heart On Ice “SHE COLD” Edition


“She Cold Edition: Freeze the Scene with Frosty Fashion! Embrace the icy allure, wear the story of resilience, and let your style melt hearts. ❄️🖤✨ #SheCold #WearYourStory #BrokenLove”



Heart on Ice “She Cold” Edition – Empowering Statement of Strength:

Indulge in the enchanting allure of our Heart on Ice “She Cold” Edition – a symbol of unyielding strength and resilience. 🖤 This extraordinary unisex sweater, available in black, white, and graphite grey, encapsulates the profound journey of a heart weathered by life’s trials.

Front and center, the ice-cold heart stands as a testament to transformation, melting into vibrant hues of red, mirroring the warmth within.

On the back, our iconic Broken Love logo, two band-aids crossing, reinforces the narrative of healing and triumph. Exclusive to this edition, the sleeve proudly boasts the empowering words “She Cold” ❄️.This isn’t just apparel; it’s a bold statement, a visual anthem of conquering the coldest storms within. Every stitch tells a tale of triumph, making the Heart on Ice “She Cold” Edition more than a garment – it’s an expression of strength waiting to be embraced. Wear your story, wear your strength. #SheColdEdition #FrozenHeart #BrokenLoveFashion ❄️🖤🌟

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