FRAGILE! Not Handle W/ Care Sweatshirt


**Fragile! Not Handled With Care Sweater:**   Unveil the power within vulnerability. Our black, unisex sweater features a symbolic box with a bloodstained heart, representing the unhandled truth. A testament to resilience, wear it as a silent proclamation of strength. 💔🩸 #UntamedSpirit #StrengthWithin



**Fragile! Not Handled With Care Sweater:**


Unravel the truth in every stitch with our Fragile! Not Handled With Care Sweater. A metaphorical box of vulnerability, harboring a bloodstained heart—raw and exposed. This unisex sweater, available in profound Black, carries the weight of resilience with every fiber.


The flipped-over box graphic on the front encapsulates fragility with a broken heart, adorned by the words “fragile” and “handle with care.” As if a tale left untold, the subtle bloodstains convey the unhandled reality of the heart within.


Wear this sweater as a testament to your untamed spirit, a silent proclamation that even mishandled, you rise. Let the echoes of your strength resonate. 💔🩸 #UntamedSpirit #UnhandledResilience #BrokenLoveFashion

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