Fragile! NOT Handled W/ Care Shirt


**Fragile & Fearless: Unleash Untamed Resilience. Blood-stained truth in Black or White. Your unbroken spirit, worn boldly. 💔🩸 #UntamedResilience #HandleWithCareNotHandled #BrokenLoveFashion**



**Fragile! Not Handled with Care Shirt – Unleash Untamed Resilience:**


Dive into the captivating tale of our Fragile! Not Handled with Care Shirt 🌪️ Flip the box and witness the chaos—a broken heart etched with warnings, a plea for care. This shirt is a canvas of raw resilience, a testament to the untamed strength beneath.


Unisex in design, it’s more than apparel; it’s a visceral story in every thread. A saga of survival unfolds, blood stains within reflecting unhandled battles. Choose Black or White to wear your unbroken spirit, embracing the journey etched in every stain.


The back bears our iconic Broken Love band-aids logo, boldly reinforcing healing and strength through trials. Wear your story, wear your unbroken spirit. 💔🩸 #UntamedResilience #HandleWithCareNotHandled #BrokenLoveFashion

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